Top 10 funniest sports screwups from 2014

It’s been a wild year in sports in 2014. People actually cared about soccer for a few weeks. How wild is that?

But as with anything in sports, especially when the Raiders are playing, you get screwups. That’s where our @SomeonesAnIdiot comes in.

So to look back on 2014, we put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest sports screwups of the year. There was everything from a basketball team scoring over 4,000 points, a college defeating a bye week, George Zimmerman joining a sports team, and more.

Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.


#10 Maryland’s “quality win”

28 points to the bye week? Gotta work on that D, Maryland.

Sadly this is probably Maryland’s best win and it doesn’t even count.

Until the committee adds that rule in when an SEC team needs one next year.

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Christmas Lists for all 32 NFL teams

It’s the Holiday season. And nothing says Christmas like extremely last minute gift shopping. Or shopping after Christmas at all the after Christmas sales. Or the after after Christmas sales (you get the idea).

So we’ve wondered…what would NFL team be looking for for Christmas/(insert your Holiday of choice here).

On that note, here are Christmas lists for all 32 teams, broken down by division. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

They’re all here, from the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, to the why do we go on living Oakland Raiders.



AFC East Christmas Lists 

New England Patriots

-New uggs and a matching skirt for Tom Brady

-More wide receivers for Brady to yell at and blame when he screws up

-A new RB for Belichick to bench

-A fresh new porn star for Rob Gronkowski to date, preferably with only 4-5 STDs if possible


Miami Dolphins

-Seat fillers for the stands, real or fake people…in Miami it’s hard to tell the difference

-Another RB to add to the committee to drive fantasy owners even more nuts

-Some extra hands for those days when Mike Wallace needs at least 3 or 4 to catch the ball

-More photos of Lauren Tannehill (to be fair, we all need that)


Buffalo Bills

-A new flask for Kyle Orton

-25 year old Jim Kelly to magically appear out of nowhere to start at QB

-A “Hi, my name is CJ Spiller and I play RB for you in case you’ve forgotten” name tag to help out the coaching staff

-A playoff berth (probably too unrealistic, Santa doesn’t have that kind of power)


New York Jets

-“Remedial Football 101″ class for Geno Smith (just regular “Football 101″ for the rest of the roster)

-A “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out” sign for the door for before Rex Ryan is fired

-New bones for when the inevitable happens with Percy Harvin

-Megaphones to help fans boo their next first round pick in April/May/2021/whenever they decide to hold the draft

Top 10 funniest Gameday Signs from the 2014 College Football season

The 2014 College Football season is over. Yes, already. Well, the part with College Gameday at least. Feels like it just got started, and it’s already over. Now you know how Michigan fans feel when they’re eliminated in Week 2.

As usual with college football, there were tons of very funny signs each week on College Gameday. It actually makes ESPN worth watching (on mute, unless you’re an SEC fan).

So we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest GameDay signs from College GameDay’s appearances all across the country in 2014. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

The 4 college playoff teams (Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State) were the main targets, but plenty of others got shot at as well (no arrests though #BlameJameis).

The source of the pics is below each. Enjoy.


There were so many good ones that didn’t make it, so let’s get things started with some honorable mentions:

SEC East Standings:


(pic via @RedditCFB)

The SEC is so “strong” that a 4-8 Big 10 team won a division. Nice.


West Virginia University want ad:


(pic via @CollegeGameday)

Yes…”reasons.” Reasons which having nothing to do with the lighter or the blow torch. Swear.


Remember kids, before you play college football:


(pic via @bustedcoverage)

Phew. Sorry to the people that this isn’t true for.


When these didn’t make it, you know this is a loaded Top 10. Or a “skrong” Top 10 as Jameis would say.

PIC: Johnny Manziel’s text inbox since being named starter

The Browns have finally done it. No they haven’t won a Super Bowl, are you insane? Unless you count toilets, then yes, the Browns have been to and won several Super Bowls.

But after to several failed experiments at starter, including with Brian Hoyer and Connor Shaw (story: they have finally promoted Johnny Clipboard to Johnny Starter.

And his phone has been very busy since the announcement:

There were several other #NSFW texts that came in that we weren’t able to show you, from Brian Hoyer’s wife, from Katherine McCarron, from plenty of others, showing their true infatuation with the Money Man.

Let’s say they looked a little something like this:


Which means we aren’t far from this:


If this QB thing doesn’t work out, he’s always got a career in alcoholism. And then he could even come back to QBing later.

Worked for Kyle Orton. He’s not only one of the NFL’s #NOTSCTop10 most obnoxious drunks (, he’s also a starter.

If you think he’s drunk in Cleveland, imagine him in Buffalo in 2025. Looking forward to it.

VINE: Nets F Cory Jefferson airballs a three pointer by three feet

If you were walking in downtown Chicago and felt a sudden cool breeze, you might think it was part of December weather. But no. It wasn’t that. Not in this night.

The Bulls took on the Nets with a bunch of random players playing due to injury, and the fact that well…it’s the Nets. At one point in the third quarter Nets rookie F Cory Jefferson spotted up for a wide open three pointer.

And he got the ball with no one around, just like he hoped. Unfortunately, he must’ve forgotten to hold X all the way through his jump because it didn’t quite do what he hoped.

It touched nothing but…air.

(Vine via @ReedWallach)

Swish. At least, that’s what the Nets call a swish.

If you thought that was good, check out Tony Parker’s free throw airball from last season (GIF:, it barely left his hand.

NFL bails out CFP committee, names TCU 2014 NFC South Champions

You’ve heard the outrage about the college football playoff. “TCU was THIRD. How are they Sixth now?” The answer is: because the committee is too busy counting SEC money to care about actually ranking teams. Condoleezza Rice spent most of the meetings insisting on invading certain Universities to find their Weapons of Mass Destruction rather than talking about football. Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder could’ve done a better job picking week to week than this group did.

Camera man: “Okay guys, sayyyyy SEC!”

You’ve heard the jokes about the NFL’s version of the short bus: the NFC South. “Damn my mom and 10 of her friends could win the NFC South.” And many of them aren’t that far from the truth (your mom’s definitely a better QB than Josh McCown). Well, with TCU seemingly getting screwed out of a playoff game, and the NFC South continuing to plummet below YMCA teams in the power rankings, the NFL has come up with a dual solution.

The NFL decided to name TCU 2014 NFC South Champions.

Roger Goodell: “We feel this is in the best interest of our fans, and player safety.” Several media members looked around confused and then one asked “Roger: this is about TCU?” Roger looked as puzzled as the media did.

Goodell then continued, “Oh, right. Sorry. Force of habit. But no, we feel this is the in the best interest of our fans and play…crap. I can’t stop saying that. I apologize again. But in this scenario, TCU gets the playoff game they felt they deserved and the we get a NFC South winner that won’t wet itself the moment it takes the field in the playoffs. Everyone wins. Well…except Baylor. Who supposedly won on the field. But I haven’t seen the tape of that, so I won’t believe that happened until I do. We’ll look for it sometime after the Super Bowl, I promise.”

Roger Goodell
Roger ain’t got time for your crap, media

Roger then slipped out giggling before any more questions could be asked.

And there are plenty of unanswered questions: Is TCU the 4 seed in the NFL playoffs despite only one loss? Why not pick Baylor? Does Head to Head really not matter for them or Bill Clinton? Why does Roger Goodell giggle anytime he mentions looking for tape?

One thing is for sure: it’s finally a move by Roger Goodell that everyone is happy with.

Except Baylor.

Top 10 funniest Gameday Signs from Baylor/Kansas State

It’s Championship Week in college football. Enough talk, it’s time to show what you’ve done on the field. Unless you’re a school that’s played a team and beat them and have the same record. Then….eh. At least eh to the committee.

So this week, College Gameday went to Waco, where people went to town on that Committee.

As we do every week, we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest GameDay signs from GameDay’s appearance in  for the Baylor/Kansas State game. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

As usual, they take shots at just about everything. The main focus this week: the fact that Baylor beat TCU 61-58, the committee, and the fact that Baylor won 61-58. Also: Baylor won 61-58.

The source of the pics is below each.


#10 A Gameday sign representation of TCU’s performance against Baylor University


(pic via @AnarchyOfAaron)

The committee just put this sign ahead of Florida State.

Much more stylish.

VINE: Kemba Walker crosses Nikola Mirotic out of his ankles

It was supposed to be “new year, new me” for the Charlotte Hornets when they ditched the Bobcat name. They signed Lance Stephenson, competed to a playoff spot last year (granted, it’s in the East, you and 4 of your friends could’ve qualified), and it was supposed to be the next step forward this year.

As usual with the “new year, new me,” that lasted about a week. It’s been brutal this year.You can take the Bobcat off the jersey, but you can’t take the Bobcat out of the Bobcats.

But in a game against the Bulls, Kemba Walker redeemed the whole season and put on a move that would give Andre Iguodala’s murderous crossover from last year ( a run for its’ money.

WARNING: If you have small children in the room or near your phone you may want to push them away. What Kemba does to Mirotic is extremely graphic, possibly illegal in 47 states.

See for yourself. We have 3 different looks at it:

(Vine via @crabdribbles)


Here’s another look:

(Vine via @DaneCarbaugh)

Most people can’t fall that far diving on a slip and slide.

Finally, here’s the move set to Mike Tyson’s Punchout:

(Vine via @thrillis4)

As good as this move is, it would’ve been even funnier if the Hornets were still called the Bobcats.

You couldn’t even go out in public after that. Not that Mirotic can walk now, anyway.

VINE: Chargers OT DJ Fluker forces a fumble on teammate Eddie Royal

Offensive linemen have a tough, thankless job. They have to attack insane guys like JJ Watt on every single play and hold them off long enough to let their pretty boy QBs rack up the stats and take all the credit.

Sometimes though, when there’s a turnover, or a chance for a potential turnover, they can make a hustle play and get some credit.

Chargers tackle DJ Fluker did exactly that, hustling to strip Eddie Royal and force a fumble. There’s only one problem though.

Eddie Royal is his teammate.

(Vine via @LobShots)

That’s what they call “team chemistry.”

Was this better than Florida blocking themselves? You be the judge. (2013 version: 2014 version:

VIDEO: Dallas Stars rookie scores from center ice

A few days ago, we all had a good little chuckle at Blue Jackets goalie Sergei Bobrovsky as he gave up a goal from center ice. Center ice goals are few and far between, after all. (In case you forgot, check it out!)

But you know what’s better than a center ice goal? Another center ice goal!

During the Stars-Oilers game, Stars rookie John Klingberg, who has been on fire since he was called up, let a shot rip from center ice off a faceoff just inside the neutral zone. Naturally, as you would expect from someone on a tear, it went in.

Typical Oilers. It was a miracle that the ice wasn’t covered in Oilers jerseys right after that goal. Now, unlike the Bruins goal the other night, this puck wasn’t a straight shot. Either it was tipped, or it came off his stick funny. Either way, it still went in.

Looks like another goalie coach is about to get canned.