10 Robin Williams movies if they had a baseball-based plot


Count us in among those who feel compelled to attempt to honor legendary comedian Robin Williams in at least some small way this week. As someone who relies heavily on his sense of humor yet is not even 1% as funny as Williams, I feel a bit like Chuck Knoblauch trying to honor Derek Jeter.

First up, we will turn it over to sportscaster Zach Klein, who provided an excellent tribute of his own by fitting as many Robin Williams movie references as possible into his highlights package.

(VIDEO courtesy Yahoo! Sports)

Now it’s our turn to call attention to some of the movies by this immensely talented artist and hopefully make some of you laugh in much the same way he made us laugh so many times before.

We take 10 Robin Williams movies and give them a baseball-based plot and a movie poster. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

They aren’t ranked like a typical #NOTSCTop10, because like the real Robin Williams movies, any of them could be #1.


Absolutely Anything

Soon to be released motion picture whose plot focuses on Major League Baseball’s search for a new commissioner who is better than Bud Selig.


Starring Oprah Winfrey.

“You would be a better commissioner, and you would be a better commissioner, and you would be a better…”

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