GIF: The Atlanta Falcons 2013 season, summed up in one play


The Falcons picked up Steven Jackson in the off-season, and were very excited about the potential of their offense with a real running back. Then they had a problem: the season started.

Injuries, bad play calls, and lots of derptastic madness led them to a hilariously (unless you’re a Falcon fan) bad 4-12 season.

Late against the Panthers, the Falcons had a chance to come back and pull the upset. Matt Ryan had his team at mid-field down 1 with about 20 seconds left.

Then….this happened:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Falcons Center Joe Hawley: “See what happened was….yeah…”

Instead of playoff hilarity from the Falcons, this year we got a full season of it. Thanks Matt Ryan, you’re a sweetheart. If you listen closely, you can hear Tony Gonzalez saying “kiss my ass, all of you.”

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