2013 MLB All Star Weekend Events


Major League Baseball finally comes to Citi Field this season as the All Star Game is set for Tuesday, July 16th. The game is a culmination of a lengthy celebration of MLB’s best. Following are some of the key events to watch for over All Star Weekend.

Futures Game

A showcase for rising stars currently playing in the minor leagues like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez.

Fan Fest

Fans can start their behind the scenes experience by trying to guess the exact weight (to the tenth of an ounce) of the cocaine Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry have on them. The winner will get to snort it with them later that evening at a strip club of their choosing. Elsewhere, a raffle will be held with the winner getting to perform a drug test on the Orioles’ Chris Davis.

For those interested in seeing the game from the perspective of the umpires, there is the Angel Hernandez Home Run Review Simulator where visitors try to make the call on a potential home run while wearing a pair of Harry Caray’s old glasses and watching the play on a 1972 Zenith Chromacolor TV. Mets fans will be most interested in the Meet, Greet & Beg with Matt Harvey, which provides them the opportunity to plead the NL’s leading Cy Young candidate to not ask for a trade in the offseason.

Finally, fans get a chance to show off their skills in the Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby. There is a $20 entry fee, though for an extra $10, they can get a pre-contest “consultation” from a Biogenesis representative and a FedEx mailer autographed by Ryan Braun.

All Star 5K & Fun Run benefiting Sandy Relief

A chance for runners to raise money for a great cause and challenge their bodies with a grueling run of two laps around Prince Fielder.

Chevrolet Chris Berman’s Boisterous Blabbering & Buffoon-a-palooza Home Run Derby

Chris Davis? Miguel Cabrera? Dominic Brown? Paul Goldschmidt? Bah! For ESPN – the Worldwide Leader in Psuedo-sports-retaled Spectacles – the featured performer is the Round Mound of Obnoxious Sounds, Chris Berman. The network once again uses the event to trot out one of their most beloved (internally, anyway) beyond-his-prime personalities for a chance to do something other than make really bad NFL predictions. Oh, and there is also really good baseball players hitting the ball really far, if you are into that sort of thing.

All Star Game

Be sure to tune in, particularly late when members of the Astros, Marlins, Brewers and White Sox put the “Classic” in “Midsummer Classic” and determine who gets home field advantage in the World Series.

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