2013 NBA Awards Predictions


The season is winding down and that can only mean one thing: THE PREDICTIONS ARE IN. Today, we’ll start off with our picks for the Most Improved Player, 6th Man of the Year, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Executive of the Year. Let’s hop right into the results.

“Most Improved Player” Winner:

Amar’e Stoudemire, Knicks. When it comes to improvement, there’s really no better indicator than raw statistical data. The Knicks began the season 18-5 without him and finished the season winning 16 of 18 games without him. There was a rough patch in the middle there, namely the portion of the season that Stoudemire played. We have to tip our cap to how improved his defense was and how his high turnover numbers seemingly disappeared when he decided to have another knee surgery.

“6th Man of the Year” Winner:

Eddy Curry, Dallas Mavericks. Eddy Curry played in just 2 games this season for a grand total of 24.9 minutes, but we couldn’t help but marvel at the way he ingested 6 whole men who were in attendance at a home game against the Lakers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those families who lost loved ones. “So hungry, need more hoomans” was all Curry could say as officials wrestled him off a seventh.

“Coach of the Year” Winner:

Erik Spoelstra, Heat. This was an easy one. Erik Spoelstra seems like all he has to do is sit back on the bench and pick his nose and yet somehow his team dominates everyone they play. It’s almost like he has a super team assembled on his roster that requires zero coaching to win. His schemes are mind-blowingly complex, particularly the patented “Yo, Bron, dominate” formation as well as the “Let’s Put Four Hall Of Famers On The Court And Watch Them Destroy The Bobcats” out-of-bounds play.

“Rookie of the Year” Winner:

Brittney Griner, Knicks. Brittney showed tremendous scoring potential earlier in the season, but really didn’t develop into a true impact player until late. She brings three point shooting, post moves and a strong penetrating ability. Although defense was suspect, that too improved. Wait a minute, is that Brittney Griner or Chris Copeland? That might actually be Copeland. So womanly though. Let’s just go with Griner for his sake.

“Executive of the Year” Winner:

Michael Jordan, Bobcats. Perhaps the best move made by any executive this year was the decision to change Charlotte’s team name back to the Hornets, distancing themselves as much as possible the brand we now know as the Bobcats. He didn’t do what would have been best for the organization (firing himself), so he did the next best thing (pretend the Bobcats never existed) and for that, we applaud.

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