2013 NBA Finals Preview


The NBA Finals are here, and once again, so are the Miami Heat, just like everyone (read: David Stern) expected. They’ll be facing the Los Angeles Lakers Oklahoma City Thunder San Antonio Spurs, just like no one expected. So at least there’s SOME element of surprise to this series. What should you expect to happen in this series?

-This is quite possibly going to be the floppiest NBA Finals in history (Chris Bosh LOVES how that sounds). Sure last year had the Heat and James Harden, but Harden simply can’t flop the way Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker can. Manu is basically the European Godfather of flop. Tony Parker is still flopping at random moments thinking he’s being attacked by Drake.
-Prediction: Expect to see various soccer teams in the crowd taking notes on how to flop properly.

-This is an obvious part of any NBA series (they don’t chant “refs you suck” at every single NBA game for no reason) but when the Heat are playing, it’s something you are guaranteed to see. The Heat didn’t need the refs in Game 7 against the Pacers, but they face two terrible matchups in Tony Parker and Tim Duncan in this series. So expect them to lean on the refs a lot more.
-Prediction: A critical Spurs player will get suspended a game for looking at LeBron the wrong way in warmups.

-When you get LeBron, Wade, Tony Parker, Duncan, Manu all together in one series, you’re bound to see history. Mostly because every year it’s “this was the greatest Finals game in NBA history!!!” Or when LeBron makes a layup “that’s the greatest layup in NBA history!!!” Apparently there’s no such thing as “long term memory” in the NBA. So expect to see “history.”
-Prediction: Joey Crawford will help the Spurs blow a 20 point 4th quarter lead and it’ll be the “greatest comeback in history.” LeBron will get all the credit. Despite scoring 2 of the points.

Flops, Bad Calls, and History. You’re going to see lots of it. It should be an exciting series. It’s David Stern’s last as commissioner…you know his script will be loaded with drama. We may even see Vince McMahon make an appearance and hit someone with a steel chair. You never know with Stern.

FINALS PREDICTION: Spurs in 7. David Stern goes against LeBron in the end as his ultimate publicity move: to help set the drama for “The Decision II” when James bolts to the Lakers in 2014. You heard it here first.

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