2014 NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals Predictions


Another season (this one not shortened by a lockout mercifully) has ended, and it’s time for the most exciting, nail-biting, beard-tastic time of the year: Playoff time.

My beard will eat your kids.

My beard will eat your kids.

Last year’s playoff predictions went well (and by well, I mean dismally), but it won’t deter us from trying again. Without further ado, here are the predictions for the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The predictions are broken down by a series per page, so check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom).


Boston Bruins vs Detroit Red Wings


“We got the Bruins, didn’t we?” “*sobs* Yeah.”

There is a hockey god! After jumping from the brutal Western Conference to the East, the Red Wings had to fight just to get into the playoffs. Now, they get to face the President’s trophy winning Bruins, who want to avenge a stunning collapse to the Blackhawks that cost them the Stanley Cup.  The brutality is delicious, especially to those who are fed up with the Red Wing fanbase that consists of 99% bandwagoners.

Likewise, since the Bruins have been winning the last few years, their fandom is quickly becoming a haven for bandwagoners. The real winner of this series would be if neither team advanced, but since that won’t happen, we’ll have to deal with one of them moving on. Judging by last year’s performance, it wouldn’t be wise to count Detroit out. However, Boston dominated the season, and it isn’t too hard to see them carrying that dominance into the post season. Sucks to suck, Detroit.

Winner: Bruins over Red Wings in 6

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