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32 NFL Helmets remixed Star Wars style


As you might be aware of, there’s this movie franchise from a galaxy far, far, away that many people are fans of. As you definitely are aware of, there’s this league called the NFL that basically everyone is a fan of (unless your team plays in Florida, then no one cares.). So what happens if the two were mashed together?

The nerdy guys that think a G spot has something to do with a thousand dollars meet the swagged out jocks to make something that’s pretty cool, whether your the jock, the nerd, or some combination of the two. They actually found a way to make the Jaguars seem interesting (but again, they’re in Florida, so no one cares enough to follow up on it.)

All 32 NFL teams are here with their new name, from the champion Seattle Seahawks to even the Texans.

They’re broken down by a division per page. Check ‘em all out (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom). It should be obvious which team is which if you’re on this website (or if you read the captions). If it’s not, then there’s this magical thing called “google” that may be able to help you out.

All pictures by John Raya at Behance.net


AFC East

The Coruscant Jedis


This is before Lord Belichick turns to the Dark side.


The Yavin 4 X-Wings


Nice, but A helmet with “wings” on it is going to be awfully distracting to Rex Ryan and his diet.


The Rodia Greedos


Would Ace Ventura still rescue Greedo? Sounds like we’ve created Ace Ventura 3. Get on it Carrey!


The Tattooine Banthas


Would the use of a fictional elephant-type creature offend PETA?  If so, get on it immediately. Anything to shut the Redskins “debate” up.


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