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32 NFL logos remixed with corporate logos


It’s the NFL offseason (yeah we know, we don’t want to admit it either.), so to get us through it, we’re screwing with NFL logos and helmets and seeing what kind of crazy concoctions we can create.

Some have been pretty damn cool, like the Star Wars helmets:  notsportscenter.com/starwarshelmets, some want to act crazy to be cool, like the NFL logos as hipsters: notsportscenter.com/hipsterlogos.

Now we’ve got the NFL logos as the thing hippies hate: Corporations, bro! All 32 NFL teams are here with their new coprorate-designed logo, from the champion Seattle Seahawks to even the Texans. Tons of different corporations are used from GM to Converse to Motorola to even the WWF (probably not the one you’re thinking of.).

They’re broken down by a division per page. Clickthrough (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.

All pictures done by Ryan K. Fishman at logoremix.tumblr.com


AFC East

Patriots + Pabst Blue Ribbon =


Fitting logo, since the Patriots are notoriously cheap. Except with Tom Brady. And Camera equipment.


Jets + Jet Blue =


The Jets as an airline? If you’re crazy enough to set foot on one of those planes you better pray Mark Sanchez isn’t your pilot.


Dolphins + Motorola =


Appropriate, considering the Dolphins haven’t been cool since flip phones were, in about 2000 or so (Andrew Luck excluded, of course.).


Bills + Buffalo Wild Wings =


This is perfect for the Bills, the Buffalo Wild Wings button would be their best player on defense.


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