Top 10 funniest Aaron Craft memes


The NCAA tournament began with a bang, as the first game of the tournament was an “upset” (it’s hard to really call Ohio State losing in the postseason an “upset”, but some insist this was one) by the Dayton Flyers over the Ohio State Buckeyes capped off by a missed buzzer beater shot by Ohio State G Aaron Craft. We tried to warn you what was going to happen when the game began:

But like when your girlfriend/wife/significant other is talking, you didn’t listen. Instead you took an unnecessary blow to your bracket and probably look a lot like Aaron Craft did after losing. There were lots of people that looked like that. Which naturally led to a lot of very funny memes.

So, we’ve put together the #NOTSCTop10 funniest Aaron Craft agony of defeat memes. They’re ranked in order from 10 to 1. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers below). Craft makes appearances everywhere from the beach to the Arizona State bench and beyond.


10. @TheWhistle


Actually, yeah, it did.

Yet another sport where Ohio State blew it in the postseason.

Maybe  they can win in cricket or women’s field hockey or another sport only 7 people pay attention to.

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