NOTSportsCenter originally began as a SportsCenter parody twitter account (@NOTSportsCenter) in January of 2011. In April of 2013, NOTSC took its’ talents to the internet (Jim Gray was not involved, sadly). Started from the bottom (on twitter)…now we’re here. What does that mean? We’re not entirely sure, outside of Drake lyrics being like a bad virus. But we try to bring you sports news and make you laugh at the same time (the way SportsCenter used to), by mocking it. The news may not be real, but we know the laughter will be real.

To be clear: this website has no affiliation with ESPN or SportsCenter whatsoever and is a parody, just like the social media accounts. We do not use their content, the news articles are SATIRE, originally created by us. They may SEEM real, but they are not. Just pretend they are and laugh. That’s the goal.


Who we are:

-Will: Writer of @NOTSportsCenter, all articles under the name “NOTSCWill” (on twitter: @NOTSCWill)


Some highlights from twitter:

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