Advertise with NOTSC

Looking for a way to reach hundreds of thousands of people at an affordable price? Advertise with NOTSC! Whether you’d like to advertise here on the site or via tweet, we’d love to feature any products that we feel our sports megafan follower base would be interested in (everyone could afford to lose a few pounds, but we’d rather not remind people of that and would rather mainly focus on sports instead. It hurts thinking about, you know. Besides, we all know that “one little secret” to losing weight is “you suckers just clicked on this and gave us money hahahaha how stupid are you?”).

Have a team blog you’re looking for more hardcore fans to see? Want more people to sign up for your fantasy sports league? Release a new team jersey you’d love to sell to some sports crazed people? Any of these are possible, and more. We offer both banner ads and sidebar ads, email us at (or on the “Contact Us” page on the menu) for more information.

If website advertising isn’t for you, you can always advertise via tweet as well. A perfect way to increase brand awareness. Rather than a traditional ad, we feel product placement is the best way to go. Would you rather have 4 or 5 retweets on something most will ignore, or results like this?

Examples of NOTSC product placement:

Walmart, Dr. Thunder-



Grand Theft Auto IV-

University of Phoenix, DeVry University-

That’s exposure to hundreds of thousands, potentially even millions of people in a way people will actually laugh at and enjoy instead of mute or fast forward through on TV (or throw things at the TV, depending on the person seeing the ad. We may or may not be one of those people.) The possibilities are unlimited, we’re open to a lot of things. Again, contact us at or on the “contact us” menu at the top for more information.