GIF: Lance Stephenson throws an incredible alley-oop to thin air


Lance Stephenson can be quite a weapon for the Pacers, and he can be quite a weapon for the team they are playing. It depends on his mood that night.

Against the Knicks, Lance was in a “let’s help the other team mood,” although he may not have started off that way.

In the 2nd quarter, Lance lead a fast break and set up a goregous looking alley-oop for….thin air:


(GIF via

Unfortunately, the air didn’t dunk the ball for Lance and it resulted in a turnover. Shortly thereafter, Lance was T-ed up.

Even after that, Lance tried all he could to keep the Knicks in the game…but unfortunately for him, the power of the Knicks to blow it was just too strong. After all, they still have Amare Stouemire (he dropped the D:

Plus Iman Shumpert fouled Paul George on a 3 with about 5 seconds left, sealing his fate as a Knick:

The Pacers won 103-96 in overtime.

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