GIF: Amare Stoudemire skips playing defense completely


A few days ago, there was a rumor that the Celtics would trade Rajon Rondo and Gerald Wallace to the Knicks in a deal involving Amare Stoudemire (seriously, as insane is that sounds, we didn’t make that up. That wouldn’t even seem believable to us.). Danny Ainge would have to black out drinking everclear to want to actually do that.

Against the Pistons, Amare showed off why. Or more so, showed off his back.

The Pistons dumped it off to an open Peyton Siva and Amare either decided he was giving up on D or saw some hottie in the crowd he wanted to check out (or both.)


(GIF via @World_Wide_Wob)

Amare: “Don’t worry guys I’ve got the reb…OH SHIII he didn’t actually shoot? Oops.”

Don’t you just hate when you’re playing 2K and your controller gets stuck like that? That’s the worst.

The best part is Peyton Siva traveled after faking Amare out so badly. Maybe Amare Stouemire (obviously he’s giving up on D) may know what he’s doing after all.


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