The initial draft of the AP College Basketball Top 25: 01/13


The new AP college basketball poll is out, and there continues to be a few surprises based on pre-season expectations. NOTSC obtained a copy of the initial draft they wrote before they “cleaned it up” to release to the media. Apparently they like to screw around a little. Where is the “40-0″ team? Where did your school end up? Did an NBA team make the list? Check it out.

AP Top 25: 01/13

1. Not Kentucky
2. An ACC team…nope, it’s not Duke.
3. Still not Kentucky. Or Duke. Or Kansas.
4. A B1G team that makes a lot of Sweet Sixteens but rarely finishes
5. The guys that everybody thinks are named after this:


6. A team from the Big East (Not the old Big East, the new Big East. Make sense?)
7. An SEC team…nope, it’s not Kentucky.
8. Kentucky? Nope not here either.
9. The best team named “Cowboys” in the country
10. Bolo Tie State University (They’ve re-named in honor of their city’s most famous athlete)
11. The basketball version of a B1G school that can actually beat someone in the Top 15
12. RGIII University
13. Kentucky. Finally. Yayyyyyy! Now the search for Duke begins.
14. Nope they’re not here.
15. Andrew Wiggins and some other guys
16. Duke? Helloooo Duke? Where are you?
17. Derrick Rose University
18. The team with the dude that broke his leg in ugly fashion. Oh and they’re the champs.
19. Is Duke going to make it? Doesn’t seem so.
20. A school located in the home of Peyton Manning’s favorite audible
21. This is legal where we are:


22. Another ACC team. Still not Duke.
23. Duke (Yes, they actually made it. Barely. Only because we feel sorry for them.)
24. Nelly University
25. Blake Griffin U. and John Wooden U.

Others receiving votes: A northwest school that always gets a high seed and flames out early, a northwest school that always does well in football early and then crashes and burns, Michael Jordan U., Los Angeles Lakers

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