GIF: The Astros like big butts and they cannot lie


The Houston Astros. Just when you think there’s nothing left to make fun of…BAM they surprise you with their biggest fail yet. It really shouldn’t be that surprising considering their team payroll is less than a middle school teeball team, but here we are. They don’t need a parody account on twitter, they already are one.

What is the recipe for the best Astro fail yet? Take two tablespoons of Mark Sanchez and mix them with two tablespoons of the Houston Astros, and you get this.¬†Special thanks go to Astros SS Jonathan Villar (and a brief cameo by Reds 2B Brandon Phillips’ ass).

You’ve seen the buttfumble, say hello to…the buttslide.


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Villar: “I said I’d kiss anyone’s ass to get off this team, I really wasn’t kidding.”

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