GIFs: Auburn wins on a 57 yard FG…returned 109 yards LOLOLOLOL


Auburn. Alabama. Last year the Iron Bowl was a laugher, with Alabama cruising in a porsche with the top down blaring Ice Cube’s “It was a good day” on their way to an easy 49-0 win.

But this year, it was a laugher for a much different reason. An insane ending for Auburn. Yes, again.

As you know, Auburn has history with these, with one coming this month against Georgia:

Early in the 4th quarter, you wouldn’t have thought we were headed to another one of these. It was Alabama with the big plays. Very big plays.

You know this is gonna be crazy when a 99 yard TD pass leads off the recap:


(GIF via

AJ McCarron essentially threw a screwball 40 yards, that Cooper had to slow up for, and still went 99 yards with. Nice coverage Auburn.

Auburn later brought in a sewing machine to try to fix the holes in their secondary. Really. Well that, or a jersey. One of the two.

But it’s not often that a 99 yard TD pass can possibly not even be one of the two best plays of the game.

After Nick Saban inexplicably went for it on 4th and 1 in FG range and failed, Nick Marshall took a shot at that possibility:


(GIF via

Now that’s a potential Heisman play, especially if Duke beats Florida State for all the LOLs next weekend.

What about Marshall possibly crossing the first down line before throwing, you ask?

Why would we let something like rules get in the way of an insane finish? Come on now.

Tied with 30 seconds left, you’d think Alabama would either try to get into field goal range or run the clock out.

They sort of did both:


(GIF via

The Auburn stadium actually ran the clock out, but they decided to review it and gave them a second back. Again, we needed it for the insane finish.

We did this for you before, we’ll do it again. If you haven’t seen this, are you sure you want to? Your head’s going to explode all over your phone/monitor.

Seriously. This is it. You see this, there’s no turning back. It’s okay to close it now, really.

To give you an idea, this was essentially what transpired, in text form:

Okay, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Thanks for following us. It’s been real.

Here it is:


(GIF via

If you manged to glue your brain back together, welcome back.

After that return, Chris Davis is going to have any woman he wants. Likely including Katherine Webb.

What did Auburn’s bench think of this? They looked a little 12 year old girl that saw Bieber for the first time:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Oh my god indeed.

Meanwhile, what did Count Saban think of the madness?


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

It looks like he’s saying “I told you he couldn’t cover that.”

Well Nick, as the head coach, should you be in charge of making those decis…never mind. Please don’t kill us. Please.

After the return, Alabama fans, like the entire world, looked like they just witnessed Danica Patrick drive an entire lap without crashing:


(pic via @BleacherReport)

Yeah, man. We can’t believe it either. And neither can Danica, for that matter.

There was much more of that, of course:

Ouch :(

For all the time he spends harping on it, Nick Saban forgot one part of “the process.”

Hiring this guy:


(pic via @CleSoldier2011)

Should’ve saved a little room in that $300 million team salary to pay Mike Tomlin, international special teams ace. But, he didn’t.

And that’s why Auburn’s Jordan-Hare stadium looked like a scene out of World War Z after the ending:


(Pic via

And for the second time in less than a month, Auburn fans are celebrating like they just had sex with Olivia Wilde. Lucky Dogs.

Ohio State’s probably excited, right? Maybe they shouldn’t be.

It’s the last year of the BCS, it’s destined for chaos. It’s poetic justice at this point.

Finally, this will probably be very active tonight:

The Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police Scanner:

What an ending. Definitely one the Gameday Signs could’ve never seen coming:

For Auburn, it’s the craziest ending you’ll ever see. Again. And Alabama: Drink Up. Moonshine tastes better with more moonshine.


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  2. Vaiden Jones


    looks more like Saban is saying, “Should have gone to overtime….”

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