Bald NFL QBs: What today’s NFL QBs would look like going bald


As the saying goes “it’s a young man’s game.” It couldn’t be more true with the NFL, as most 1st and 2nd year starters are having instant success these days unless their names are Christian Ponder or (insert QB the Jaguars drafted here).

With the young kids coming in, this means the older generation is doing just that: getting older. (Except Michael Vick, he never seems to age. Not playing due to injury or being benched really does wonders.)

So the people at thought “what would current QBs look like if they were going bald”? And thanks to these pictures they created, now we know what the current generation will look like when they become the new Terry Bradshaw. Not to mention it gives us yet another reason to mock every NFL team.

20 of the NFL’s QBs are portrayed if they were bald. Like all of our NFL collections, they’re broken down by a division per page. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

All of the photos were created by, which you can find here: Bald QBs Part 1 and here: Bald QBs Part 2. The pictures are theirs, the captions are ours.



Patriots QB Tom Brady


You thought his combine photo was scary, check him out now.

Bald Brady’s going to haunt your dreams. And steal your girlfriend/wife’s Uggs.


Unfortunately there’s no image for the Jets, Dolphins, or Bills as by the time they finished making one they’d be starting a new QB.

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