VIDEO: The best radio call of the Iron Bowl ending yet


We’ve all heard just about every version of the end of the end of the Iron Bowl by now: Alabama’s, Auburn’s, ESPN’s, ESPNDeportes, SEC Radio, Redneck Radio, Saban is the Devil radio, Cammy Cam Juice Radio.

But, there’s one version you probably haven’t heard yet, until now.

From the folks at “Bama Tide radio”, here’s possibly the best Iron Bowl ending yet:

(Video by Robert Clay and Josh Snead, link to the video:

If you’re in Alabama, some of you may be wondering what was wrong with that call. Don’t worry, overtime will be starting soon.

Or at least it would’ve been, if Nick Saban hadn’t attempted a 57 yard field goal and given Chris Davis his choice of Auburn women for life.

Or had the refs not overturned the sideline call and given him the worst second of his life (Rick Pitino’s girlfriends have the same complaint)

Or had TJ Yeldon run straight up the field and just ran the clock out. (knowing Auburn’s luck he’d have fumbled the ball and it would’ve rolled backwards 70 yards through Alabama’s end zone for a safety)

Or had Mike Tomlin been on the sidelines.

Or…well, you get the idea. Sorry Bama, you can’t have every national title. You have to share. You know, like you do with your family at reunions. Everyone gets a crack. Roll Tide.

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