Justin Bieber: The world’s biggest bandwagoner


Justin Bieber. As some hashtags on twitter show, just saying his name alone drives some people to cut themselves. Lately he’s been popping up at sporting events, sporting the latest in women’s fashion like he did at NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 when he was there to “support” his long time team of a few days: the Heat. This coming from the same kid who was trolling around at Lakers games in the same way just a few years earlier. But he wasn’t done there. After learning that hockey was considered a sport too, he wanted a piece.


Bieber permanently defiling the Stanley Cup

He got to be photographed with the Stanley Cup in the Chicago Blackhawks locker room (as you can see to the right, unless you’re blind, which case we didn’t know our website translated in braille…that’s pretty cool) and got a jersey that he so kindly hung in Jonathan Toews’ locker. Mr. Toews you should probably burn your locker…it’s beyond salvageable at this point. As is the Stanley Cup. No one’s kissing or touching that thing again after Bieber got his paws on it. Would you?

Seems like he must own a lot of sporting apparel, right? It’s even more than you might’ve thought. He admitted to us that he actually owns apparel and merchandise from every team in sports. Yes, even the WNBA. He’s an androgynous “male” who sometimes looks and acts like a woman. That basically describes half the WNBA right there, so of course he’s interested in that too. Between the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WNBA, and college sports….that’s thousands of teams to choose from. Makes bandwagoning pretty damn easy.

Justin on his wardrobe: “Some people call me a bandwagoner but I don’t know what that means. I like celebrating, I want to party every year. So i’m a fan of everyone. I’m really sad I didn’t get to meet Derrick Rose, he’s such a great Chicago Cub. This Cubs championship team is awesome.” He really knows his stuff, can’t you tell? He continued, “I have to make sure I have sports clothes that match my purse and lipstick. I have to show off my swag yo.” He actually said a lot more than those words, but we stopped listening after that. We’d heard enough. In fact, we’ve devoted enough space to Justin Bieber on this website. Long story short: he sucks, but you probably already knew that. Nice to have a reminder though.

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