Baylor women lose, devastating the 4 people that filled out a women’s bracket


When you look at Brittney Griner, you think (s)he could never possibly lose a game playing against women, right? She alone could probably beat the Bobcats right now. Baylor had lost once all year, and even that seemed surprising. So naturally, the women’s bracket “enthusiasts” all had Baylor winning the title. All 4 of them. And now they’re crushed.

Joey, the one guy in the entire country who filled out a women’s bracket, on Baylor’s loss: “I spent 5 good minutes of my time filling out a WOMEN’S BASKETBALL bracket and Baylor has to go and lose. I want my time back, I could’ve done more productive things like watch paint dry or sit in traffic. But now things get interesting. Nobody has the title winner right. I mean, who beat them tonight? I don’t even know who was even playing in this thing, i just clicked a bunch.”

Louisville beat them. Right? Or wait, did Louisville beat Duke? That was the men’s…Louisville played in women’s too? Seems odd, but that sounds right. We’re reporting and we don’t even know. Nobody knows. Women’s basketball is always a mystery. One week someone’s dunking for like the 6th time ever, the next week a game finishes 6-5.

Julie on Baylor’s loss: “I’m a woman and I don’t even like this sport. I’d rather watch blind chimps try to play basketball. I just filled out a bracket because I believe in equality. But I knew who Baylor was because of Brad Griner. Now who knows if I’ll win. Stupid sport.” Actually Julie, that’s BRITTNEY Griner. But that’s okay. You’re not the first to make that mistake.

Emily on Baylor’s loss: “I actually like Baylor, thanks. I may be their most diehard fan. I went to like 3 of Brittney Griner’s games in her career. THREE. Do you think you could sit through 3 whole games of women’s basketball without killing yourself? And I actually filled out a stupid bracket too because I figured my 3 games of knowledge meant I knew wayyyyyy more than anyone else. So of course i’m pissed about them losing.”

You thought her reaction was good, here’s Andrea on Baylor’s loss: “THEY LOST? THAT WAS THE ONLY TEAM I EVEN MOVED ON MY BRACKET! THE REST WAS EMPTY. WELL @)$@($) #$@*$@) #*@)$% @$(@*$!!! NEVER NEVER AGAIN. I WASTED 20 HARD EARNED SECONDS. I NEED A DRINK.” Obviously she’s not happy. And she may have more problems than just a Baylor loss, but that’s for a different story for a different website.

The moral of the story? When it comes to women’s basketball: just don’t waste your time.

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