Gary Bettman: “Reason for lockout was Ovechkin vs. Crosby debate with Don Fehr”

Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game One

New York—

Gary Bettman confirmed on his radio show that the real reason for the lockout was due to a debate between he and NHLPA head Don Fehr over who was the better player, Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby.

“Looking back, I can say with regret that it was a foolish reason to postpone hockey, losing millions of dollars in revenue and further alienating the fan base,” Bettman admitted. “At the time though, he [Fehr] was trying to claim that Sidney Crosby was the best hockey player in the NHL. Can you really believe that? Crosby had missed almost a year, and here Fehr was practically worshipping him.”

While most people were convinced that the lockout was money related, it turns out that the split that erased half of a season was all between which two players were better. Alex Ovechkin, fresh off the ice after practice, was adamant that he did not start the debate.

“I know people might think I had a hand in starting the lockout, but I was just trying to get in shape. I guess scoring 4 goals in that rec league game was kinda extreme, but I didn’t know that Gary Bettman would watch that and base his claim that I’m the greatest hockey player in the league. It’s kinda silly, really.”

Sidney Crosby, also just recently finished with a team practice, was also uncomfortable with the attention that this revelation was directing towards him and the team.

“It’s really odd, ya know?” Crosby told reporters. “I mean, we’re in the middle of this streak, and all of a sudden it’s revealed that Don Fehr ordered us to hold out because he was trying to one-up Bettman. Now, it’s out that Fehr thought I was the best player in the NHL. It almost makes my head hurt!”

The overall impression around the league varied from surprise, to anger, to even downright nasty, as was the case with Tampa Bay F Steven Stamkos.

“This is bulls—t!” Stamkos yelled, furious, after hearing the news just after his team left the ice after defeating the Buffalo Sabres. “I’m the best player in the league right now, not those two has-beens! Who got sixty goals last season, hm? That’s what I thought!”

Don Fehr has not answered calls for a comment, but the overall consensus is that, if he were to speak, the league would be facing yet another pointless lockout, so reporters are expected to cease calling him shortly.

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