GIFs: A special edition of WWE Smackdown at the Big House


Ohio State. Michigan. Have you heard these two teams don’t like each other? You might have. It was never more apparent than when a simple 2nd quarter kickoff return by Ohio State’s Dontre Wilson turned into a special edition of WWE Smackdown at the Big House.

In the 2nd quarter, Dontre Wilson returned a kickoff for the Buckeyes and was tackled. Seems harmless, right? Wrong.

It led to some jawing, with Ohio State telling Michigan to have fun playing in the Ferguson Toilet Bowl and Michigan bringing up the number of top 15 teams Ohio State’s played in the last two years.

Michigan’s Royce Jenkins-Stone decided to knock it up another notch from there, attempting to pull Dontre Wilson’s head off. Literally:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

That’s the best throw a Michigan player’s made all season, and it was with a helmet.

Wilson’s head was not in there, but he wasn’t too happy. So he took a shot at a Michigan player. Literally:


(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

There’s nothing quite like throwing a punch directly at someone wearing a facemask. Genius.

Needless to say, Jenkins-Stone and Wilson were both ejected, as was Ohio State’s Marcus Hall.

Marcus Hall wasn’t too thrilled about this decision, and decided to take it out on the sideline:


(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)

More helmet carnage. If that helmet is broken, it’s coming out of your under the table allowance, Marcus.

But Marcus wasn’t done yet. Oh no. He wanted to something nice for the Michigan crowd before leaving.

He decided to tell them they were number one. Twice.


(GIF via @EyeonCFB)

Either he wasn’t too happy about being ejected, the score, or both. You stay classy Marcus.

That Vince McMahon sure does write some compelling scripts, doesn’t he?

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