Browns fire their head coach before figuring out who it is


As you’ve heard by now, the Browns fired Rob Chudzinski for failing to turn chicken $hit into chicken salad in 5 seconds. Seems unfair, but remember the Browns have standards here…they expect to go 16-0, even after trading away guys they draft in the first round and drafting QBs out of a retirement home. But they weren’t done there. Barely an hour after firing Chudzinski, they announced that they had made another change. They fired their next head coach. Before they even hired one.

Statement from the team:

“We feel it’s in the best interest of the organization at this time to make a change. We weren’t seeing the kind of progress we expected to see in the hour after firing Chudzinski. We needed to see development with this football team. We have great respect for coach, whoever they were. Our fans deserve to see a consistently competitive team, there’s an urgency for success here. The fact that we hadn’t won any Super Bowls or playoff games in that hour was simply unacceptable.”

In case you aren’t familiar with who is running the Browns, here’s a look at their management:


(Meme via @berlinwall2o)

Mike Lombardi, Jimmy Haslam, and Joe Banner aka Larry, Curly, and Moe.

What do Browns fans think about a second head coach firing before anyone else had even fired one?

“So glad we didn’t hire that one guy we were gonna end up firing, now we can hire that other guy we’re gonna end up firing”- Jane Smith, long suffering Browns fan

“Can they send this team to Baltimore too?” – Anonymous Browns fan

“These idiots are clueless, especially that Mike Lombardi. What a moron he is.” – Millie Lombardi, Mike’s wife

“Why can’t they do this with our Quarterbacks?” – Josh Gordon

Reports out of Cleveland say the team is in talks with Comedy Central to have a weekly reality show following the team doing business and broadcasting each week’s game and the fallout. “The Browns are the funniest thing we’ve come across since 4 little crazy kids from Colorado,” said a Comedy Central spokesperson. “Who wouldn’t want to follow this team around and watch them struggle with day to day things like their order at Taco Bell? I know I would be glued to the TV.”

So stay tuned. As usual with the Browns (who earlier this year traded away their entire roster for a bottle of soda:, there will be many more laughs than wins.

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  1. AgeoftReason


    They’ve been doing this to quarterbacks for years Josh Gorden..

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