The buttfumble, one year later: where are they now?


One year ago today it was thanksgiving and everyone put on a little Thursday night football action between the Jets and the Patriots, expecting a nice rivalry game. Little did they know they were turning on one of the greatest comedies NBC has ever produced (which of course, in true NBC fashion, was immediately canceled.).

Obviously there’s one highlight you’re looking for in this…but we’re not gonna show it.

No…we’re taking a stand. Enough is enough. We’ve seen it thousands of times…no one wants to see it again.

Seriously. Get over it.

No really, get over it.

Oh who are we kidding. Here:


(GIF via @SBNation)

2013 has been a strange year for football, probably because of a gross lack of Mark Sanchez.

What has become of Mark Sanchez in the last year?

Well, in the offseason there was talk of what they were going to do at the position, including some possible drastic measures:

They (eventually) settled on just Geno Smith.

In the preseason there was a medical scare:

More on that here:

Despite fears, there was optimism abound at Jets camp after Sanchez pulled off a miracle:

More on that here:

In the pre-season, Mark Sanchez looked like he was in his usual form:

Which is demonstrated here:

A classic Mark Sanchez Pick 6

(GIF via @SBNation)

The competition was close for a while between Sanchez and Geno:

But then he was left to die Mike Shanahan style by Rex Ryan in the preseason behind an offensive line that probably couldn’t start for New York City High School. He was since put on IR, needing shoulder surgery.

He tried to celebrate with his teammates from the sidelines, but he wasn’t very good at that, either:

Mark Sanchez even sucks at chest bumps

(GIF via @BuzzFeedSports)

Sweet 1 inch vertical Mark.

He got bored, retired, and took a shot at being a headband model:

Didn’t take him long to give up on that. And in addition he’s now given up being white, having embarrassed the entire race.

He’s taking a shot at being black now:


Nice cornrows Mark.

Come back Mark Sanchez, the NFL isn’t the same without you. Seriously. You could probably start in Jacksonville…lord knows they can’t do any worse.

(If you’re wondering about the others: Brandon Moore (the butt in buttfumble) retired, the Patriots are still a 3 loss team, the Jets are still a fringe non-playoff team, Rex Ryan is still a loudmouth, Tim Tebow is thinking about a career promoting christian mingle. There you go. You know you only opened this to see Sanchez bumble around. Come on now.)

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