GIF: Cam Newton is smiling and happ…OMG ARE WE AT WAR???


Cam Newton was in full Superman mode on Thursday Night Football, showing off about doing what 6 other teams had done: beat the Bucs. For the first time in 70 games, the Panthers are finally over .500 and Cam was happier than when his dad told him how much Auburn was going to be paying him (“allegedly” *cough* yeah right *cough*).

But in the midst of all of his gloating, he wasn’t prepared for Tampa actually scoring a touchdown (yes, they can actually do that. On occasion.) and setting off their end zone cannon to “celebrate.” (they don’t have much to celebrate these days)

Late in the game, Cam was showing off to the cameras in true Cam style…and then…


(GIF via @CJZero)

“DAMNNNNNN BOYYYYYYYY!” No Cam, shit didn’t just get real, it’s just a prop. No reason to be scared or start crying. Cam? Cam? Oh no…here come the waterworks…


  1. Jon Campbell


    It wasn’t a just randomly went off.

  2. wompwomp


    Tampa is so bad they started firing the cannon for just reaching the red zone … thats when that happened. No one expected it because they had not scored

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