Carmelo Anthony reaches 18,000 points after only 57,927 shots


Carmelo Anthony hit a career milestone Wednesday night in a Knicks victory over the Atlanta Hawks, becoming the 61st player in NBA history to reach 18,000 points. What’s even more impressive is that it only took a measly 57,927 shots to get there.

“I can only thank my teammates,” Anthony said after the game. “I can really feel their support in the way they all stand around the perimeter watching me dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble, SHOOT every single possession.”

He may soon have some new teammates to thank. According to a report, the team is looking into trading their others shooters for even more players that fit their “shut up, get the rebound, and pass the ball to Melo already” offense. “That’s what I like to hear,” Anthony said about the report, who will be an upcoming free agent this summer.

Our NBA statistics experts revealed that a staggering 39% of Anthony’s shot attempts have come with 21 seconds left in the 24-second shot clock. “I was open,” Anthony said, referring to all those instances.

Teammate Raymond Felton was congratulatory towards his teammate. “I’m really happy for Melo.” When asked what it feels like to repeatedly pass Anthony ball without ever receiving a pass back, Felton said, “What’s a ball? Oh, that orange thing that Melo is always throwing around? One day I’ll get to touch it. Maybe even dribble it.

While Anthony’s milestone is an impressive feat, he is still trailing Kobe Bryant who has accumulated 31,617 points with barely any shot attempts, totaling around 1,592,009.

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