Bobcats eliminated from playoff contention on schedule release day


The Bobcats. The running joke of the NBA the last few years, owned by the running king of the NBA (sorry LeBron fans, face facts). Still not sure how that happens, but here we are. In their final season before becoming the Hornets, they’re just looking to play out the string and start anew in 2014. And now, they can do just that. Shortly after the schedule was released, the NBA did the math and determined that the Bobcats had been eliminated from playoff contention. Yes, before they even played a game.

NBA commissioner David Stern on the surprising (somewhat, not really) news: “We had a feeling this schedule was going to be tough for them. 82 games against NBA caliber talent. It’s simply too much for a team with a roster like the Bobcats to handle. We thought they might make it through a few games, but we realized that just simply wasn’t possible.” It’s unfortunate, just as other teams are gearing up for a new year, the Bobcats are looking forward to the next next year. But not everyone on the team is sad.

New Bobcats coach Steve Clifford on the news: “It’s sad, but honestly…it takes the pressure off. I mean odds are we weren’t making the playoffs anyway, but this is still the Eastern Conference. Anyone has a chance. Louisville could’ve been the 8 seed last year. But now, we’re free to lose games without any added pressure. When we’re down 40 to the Magic, I won’t have to worry about what the owners will think. Our season’s already over. Hell I might throw a jersey on and play a few minutes in the 4th. It’d be fun.”

At least Steve Clifford’s got a positive attitude, hard to believe from the coach of the Bobcats. They may want to drug test him. But 82 games of garbage time. Sounds pretty much like every other Bobcats season, now it’s just official. And it’s the last one. We’ll cherish all of these memories Bobcats, making fun of the NBA just won’t be the same without you.


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