Chris Johnson offered his OL new cars if he can get to 300 Yards


NASHVILLE, TN– Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson hopes by offering his offensive line cars again, he can also return to his old form…somewhat. He’s had to adjust his target a little. He’s no longer going for 2,000 yards. Or 1,500. Or even 1,000. Or even 500. If the Titans’ offensive line helps Johnson reach the big 300 yard mark on the season, Johnson has promised each of them a new car. Seems like an easy mark, for anyone willing to put in a little effort, but this is Chris Johnson we’re talking about.

“It’s a nice gesture and all, but I don’t really think it’s possible. I mean, of course I’ll try to help, but I don’t see how that realistically could happen, ” Titans left tackle Michael Roos told reporters. “Chris Johnson and the words “try” and “effort” just don’t belong in the same sentence. Plus he’s not the Johnson of four years ago. It’s almost pointless.” What Roos alluded to is the 2009 season where Johnson rushed for over 2000 yards. Yes, that was the same guy we’re talking about here. Really. It was.

Chris Johnson spoke to the media (through a translator that speaks Chris Johnson, he hasn’t picked up hooked on phonics yet): “I understand this is a challenge, and I wanted to motivate my teammates the best way I know how. With cars. That worked last time, it will work again. CJ300Y is coming to PLAY this year baby!” To reach the 300 yard mark that Johnson is expecting to achieve this season would require him to rush for about 19 yards a game, approximately double what he’s averaged the past two years.

When Titans coach Mike Munchak was told of CJ300Y’s goal, he seemed a bit baffled. “Wait, Chris Johnson is still on our team? You mean the running back Chris Johnson? Wow. So that’s why the media keeps asking about him and what’s wrong with him. I’ve never seen him at practice, and I certainly have never noticed him on the field or in the box score, so I would’ve never even realized he was still here. That’s crazy. I think we can pull off 300 yards, I’ll push him through the line if I have to. I want a car too.”

Watch out AFC South:  CJ300Y means business this year. Maybe. The Titans hope, anyway.


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