Top 10 funny twitter reactions to Marques Colston’s “lateral”


Play by play from the Saints last drive: “The Saints could pull a miracle here, they’ve still got a chance to come back! Drew Brees completes the pass to Marques Colston andddddddddddd it’s gone.”

No one really has an idea what the hell happened. (If you missed it, go here:

Here’s one NOTSC theory:


Someone should probably check on him.

As you might expect there were a wide variety of very funny reactions on twitter, and we found 10 of the funniest and ranked them. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out.

#10 @ToddFuhrman


Don’t forget Minnesota as well.

If we had to guess we’d say Cleveland. He could be coach/QB.

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