GIF: Tony Allen’s strategy for stopping Chris Paul? A kick to the face


Grizzlies G Tony Allen is typically considered an above average defender, now we may know why. He’s been taking lessons with Mr. Miyagi and Liu Kang.

At one point Chris Paul entered the lane, and Tony Allen out of reach decided to bust out his karate moves after Paul had blown by him:

(GIF via @SBNationGIF)

Probably would’ve been more effective had he actually hit him with his foot, not his shin. B+ Tony. Needs improvement.

Tony was given a flagrant 2, a red card, an L.A. Clipper cheerleader application (they were quite impressed with his jump) and ejected. Better start making out that check now to David Stern, Tony.

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  1. Pedro Gutierrez


    Does Cliff Paul cover health insurance?

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