GIF: Jordan Crawford “complimenting” Carmelo Anthony about his wife. Sort of.


After the Celtics finished off Game 5, Celtics G Jordan Crawford went up to Carmelo Anthony and paid him a nice compliment about his beautiful wife. “Hey my boy thinks yo wife is hot.” That was sweet of him. Well, sort of…..that wasn’t QUITE what he said.

Watch the GIF below and you can see exactly what he says. Nothing like a guy that played a whopping 0 minutes talking some trash to a team that only needs one more win to eliminate them. Real smart idea. Of course it is the Knicks though, Kevin Garnett’s been dancing around in Carmelo’s head for months now. Raymond Felton was all fueled up on burritos and tried to do something about it, but nothing happened.










GIF via @SBNation



  1. hahahah im the only commenter but this page is awesome anyway

  2. Brianisababe


    The Celts need Scalabrine back in there to keep the peace.. No one starts shit with Scalibrine around..

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