Rangers demote Yu Darvish after failing to no hit Astros again


In April, Yu Darvish had a perfect game going against the Astros, just like anyone with two eyes might’ve expected after looking at the Astros’ office softball caliber roster. But then the unthinkable happened: a weak little grounder snuck through the infield on what should’ve been the last out of a perfect game. It was the equivalent of someone hitting running deuces with 7/2 to crack aces in hold em. It was ugly and embarrassing, yet there was nothing Texas could’ve done to stop it. Yu was immediately pulled over the embarrassment.

On Monday, the Rangers faced a similar situation. After a controversial non-strike call helped ruin another potential Darvish perfect game, a Carlos Corporan (if you know who that is, hi Mr. and Mrs. Corporan, hope you enjoy the website) Home Run ruined everything else, ending another potential no hitter. Sure Yu had 15 strikeouts, but this is the Astros he was facing. You reading this could strikeout 15 Astros. So he was immediately demoted to AAA after the game, and he actually saw it coming as soon as he gave up the home run.

Through a translator, Yu said, “They warned me the first time that I was playing with fire not getting a perfect game against the Astros. So they expected 27 strikeouts coming out this time. I knew I was in trouble when that wasn’t possible, but when Corporan hit that home run I was worried I might be released. I mean this is the Astros, there are some little league teams that have a higher payroll. Thankfully they didn’t. I will happily accept my demotion and go work on some things in AAA. Plus ManRam’s there!”

No one is saying how long he’ll be down there, but odds are he’ll be back before Manny Ramirez ever gets called up. Or before Derrick Rose returns (too easy).  Rangers manager Ron Washington, speaking about 1,000 words per second: “I expect him to demolish AAA, I want perfect games every time out. I mean this is Yu Darvish we’re talking here, not some scrub. Anyone know where I can buy some blow? Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that. But seriously do you? Ah…never mind.” Ron might have a bigger problem than Yu’s failed no-hitters.

Long story short, when the Astros are scoring runs, you can expect serious repercussions. On Monday, Yu Darvish learned that the hard way.

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