Derrick Rose channels Iverson: “We’re talking about games, man.”

Rose on Bulls bench

Derrick Rose has always kept his cool when faced with media scrutiny, but today there was clear frustration when reporters swarmed him after a pregame shoot-around. Many have questioned Rose who continues to sit out regular season games despite looking extremely impressive during practice sessions.

“If I can’t play in games, then I can’t play in games,” Rose said. “It’s as simple as that. I mean listen, we here talking ‘bout games! Not practice! We ain’t talking about a real practice. We talking ‘bout games!”

During the shoot-around, Rose was seen doing three-sixty-reverse-double-pump-windmill-dunks. He routinely lapped the entire team during sprints.

“We sitting here talking ‘bout games.” (Laughter) “Now I know I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and you believe this, we talking ‘bout games.” (More laughter)

Rose grew more frustrated as the questions continued. “Listen, it’s not like I’m missing practices. You see me out there in the arena practicing. We talking ‘bout games! You see me giving everything I got during practice, but games?” (Laughter) “Are we really talking ‘bout games?”

It was clear Rose had had enough as he then sprung from his seat and back-flipped out of the reach of reporters before cartwheeling his way down the hall and into the locker-room.

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