Disney NFL Logos: all 32 NFL logos re-mixed as Disney characters


Disney and the NFL: 2 things that really never go out of style or lose popularity, no matter how bad things get or how many Jaguars games get shown on TV. Well what happens if these 2 worlds met each other? One thing is for sure: you’d probably want to keep Adrian Peterson away.

We’ve seen this once before from another very good artist (Roar 24’s take on Disney NFL:, but this is another level because it includes all 32 teams and gives us a chance to yet again crack jokes about all of them. It’s like Batman to Batman Begins, basically.

AK47 Studios took all 32 NFL logos and re-made them as Disney characters. They’re all here, from the Super Bowl champion Seahawks to the “why do we go on living” Raiders. Check them out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

Again, to be clear, all of the logo pictures are done by: @ak47_studios

The captions are ours, the drawings are his.



AFC East

New England Mad Hatters


Bill Belichick as the logo looks good. Not the same without the hoodie though.


Buffalo Genies


Bills fan: “Genie I’d like a Super Bowl win.” Genie: “Sorry kid, against the rules.” #RIPRobinWilliams


The Little Miami Dolphin


Use Ryan Tannehill’s wife as the model for this logo and then suddenly everyone will care about the Dolphins.


Dusty the New York Jet


Cute and harmless. Just like the real Jets.


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