What if Disney did NFL logos?


Football season isn’t too far away now. Free agency has died down for the most part, the draft is over (Manziel may still be waiting to get drafted we’re not sure), so we’re again screwing with NFL logos.

Ever since Roger Goodell came into power (Heil Goodell!) he’s been all about reducing a violent sport to a Disney G rated movie, so what better than to remix the NFL with than Disney? We’ve found some great pictures of what NFL logos would look like done by Disney.

Just like the other NFL remixes we’ve had, they’re broken down by a division per page. Click through (by clicking the page numbers at the bottom) and check ‘em out. It’s not all 32 this time…but there’s a lot of them, from the world champion Seahawks (as Zazu), to even the Browns (as Peter Pan).

All of the logo pictures are done by  @TheRoar_24 at The captions are ours, the drawings are his.


Patriots: John Smith


John Smith appeared in Pocahontas, which would’ve been Tom Brady’s preferred choice for this logo. He loves wearing her clothes.


Dolphins: Ariel


Ariel as the Dolphin is incredibly appropriate considering the Dolphins have been playing like girls for years now.


There’s no logo for the Jets and Bills, as those teams are not nearly safe enough for young eyes to see (or any others, really). Way too scary.

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