Top 10 funniest tweets on DeSean Jackson getting released


DeSean Jackson getting released by the Eagles was quite a surprise, mostly because the last time they had controversy with a wide receiver they gave him $25 million extension. But this is a new era, one that includes Mark Sanchez (could Chip Kelly have brain damage? He needs a concussion test), so DeSean is gone.

As you can imagine, his phone blew up with various texts from friends, family, and former co-workers over this news:

Wonder what Sanchez tried to say? Guess we’ll never find out.

DeSean issued a statement denying his involvement with a gang:

Probably should’ve edited that first.

As you can imagine, twitter was abuzz with various hilarity on this topic (A hashtag to get DeSean to the Raiders is probably the funniest of them all, it’s real…check #DJaxToOakland), so we’ve found and ranked, #NOTSCTop10 style, 10 of the funniest tweets reacting to DeSean’s release. Check ‘em out (by clicking the page numbers below), there’s everything from who DeSean was in a gang with, who else might be in a gang, and more.

10. @russbengtson

So THAT’S why the NCAA is okay with repping colors, not names.

You think the guys in the NCAA are Crips or Bloods?

Sounds like an obvious First Take topic, if they haven’t covered it already.

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