Video: Dodgers-Caddyshack Mashup


Remember a few months ago when the Diamondbacks and Dodgers engaged in a bean-ball battle that escalated into a full-fledged brawl and gave Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire roid rage flashbacks….
Well, it appears the Dodgers still remember. With L.A. on the verge of clinching the NL West in Arizona, the Diamondbacks organization politely requested that they not bring any potential celebration onto the field following their final game in Chase Field. The Blue Crew, after wrapping up the division Thursday afternoon, politely gave the Diamondbacks organization a giant middle finger by taking their celebration across that very field to the pool beyond the right field fence.

Not surprisingly, there was backlash. Diamondbacks second baseman Willie Bloomquist – whose name sounds just like that of an old man shaking his fist in the air telling those damn kids to get off his lawn – was none too pleased and likely took time away from writing his Hall of Fame acceptance speech to rant to local reporters:

We haven’t seen a pool party so out of control since 1980.

50 bucks the Uribe kid picks his nose.

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