Dolphins LS John Denney fined for illegal hit on defenseless holder


In the NFL, Roger Goodell’s always looking for opportunities to fine someone. In fact, we’ll probably get fined just for saying that (hope you take post dated checks, Roger. Don’t cash it till the year ten million.) On Sunday, he managed to find a way to find a long snapper. Yeah.

The Dolphins lined up for a field goal in the second quarter, and nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?



That’s gotta hurt.

Roger Goodell saw this and immediately called the Dolphins to say he’d be fining John Denney $75,000 for an “illegal hit to the head on a defenseless holder,” and was considering taking away a draft pick as well. “It’s all about player safety,” Roger Goodell said for the 9,576,487th time  in his career. “Holders are people too.”

When informed of the fine, Denney reportedly said “What the f…that’s almost my entire salary! I’m gonna have to turn tricks to put food on the table now. Damn you Goodell, Damn you.”

Brandon Fields (the holder) was set for a concussion test, but was informed that sorry, no, holders are not people, and he was forced back out there.

Let’s take one more look at it:


(GIFs via @SBNationGIF)

Ouch. That’s about the roughest hit you’re going to see in the NFL these days.

Dolphins T Jonathan Martin commented on the fine: “Do you see what I’m talking about now? It’s horrible here. So abusive. That big meanie got what he deserved.”

It’s a tough life in Miami.

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