VIDEO: Jason Kidd thinks Tyshawn Taylor is his bartender


It’s been a struggle this year for the Nets and first year head coach Jason Kidd, who look more like they’re tanking for Wiggins, not competing for a title, despite their approximate $83 billion payroll.

Out of timeouts on Wednesday night, Jason Kidd pulled a page out of his drinking playbook, telling Tyshawn Taylor to do the same thing he’s told bartenders all over New york to do thousands of times: “Hit me.”

Tyshawn did as instructed, causing Kidd to “accidentally” spill his drink all over the court, icing (literally) Lakers G Jodie Meeks and giving him a chance to draw up a play as you can see here:

Despite the theatrics, the results didn’t change: they lost. Expect Kidd to be sloshing his drinks all over a local area bar tonight by “accident” as well.

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