VIDEO: Dwyane Wade goes for a long walk, “doesn’t” travel


Unless you’re a Heat fan or a blogger that just likes to kiss LeBron’s butt with the hopes that one day he might look at you without shoving you out of the way, you’re aware that the Heat tend to get a call or 2 or 20 every game.

But it’s not always that blatant. Against Portland in December, it was. Dwyane Wade took the ball and took so many steps he’s officially recovered from alcoholism and he wasn’t even an alcoholic to begin with.

Here’s the video:

Pantera would be proud of that one.

Here it is in GIF form:


Hey LeBron, how steps did Wade take? How many times do NBA officials let you do whatever you want? How many Heat fans are going to complain about this?

Pretty much.


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