Eli ManningFace: The best of Eli Manning’s #ManningFace pictures


Giants QB Eli Manning is mainly known for 2 things: interceptions and making very, very, very hilariously bizarre faces. Oh, and those 2 Super Bowl rings, but those aren’t as fun. Plus they weren’t something Eli did all by himself (good luck trying to tell Giants fans that).

Those faces he makes are so good, he’s got his own hashtag: #ManningFace. And there are endless amounts of very funny pictures featuring Eli and his brother making the infamous #ManningFace. So much so that there’s an actual website devoted to it ( And there’s a set of NFL logos drawn with ManningFace built in them:

So, inspired by yet another great #ManningFace in the Hall of Fame game and the return of football, we decided to put together the best of #ManningFace. There are so many good #ManningFace pictures we couldn’t just limit it to a #NOTSCTop10, because they’re almost impossible to rank. The last one here is our favorite, however.

So instead, we broke them down by category. Drunk Eli, Angry Eli, Zombie Eli, Eli’s #ManningFace takes many forms, which are noted in bold at the top of each page. Check them all out by clicking the page numbers below.

All of the following pictures are from (,,, or unless otherwise noted)

There’s some special guest appearances in this as well. Enjoy!

Hey there’s a butt in my face, that’s cool Eli #ManningFace


Eli: “Uh….what just happened? Why does it feel like I pooped my pants?”

To be fair, he probably asks those questions after every play.

(Up next: Eli + SNL = LOL)


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