GIF: Eminem in the booth at halftime, 8 miles high


Eminem was in the booth at halftime of the Notre Dame/Michigan game. As bad as that idea SOUNDS, it was about a thousand times worse than that, except when Brent started talking gambling lines with Eminem about the Lions (he can’t help himself).

Remember Brent Musburger drooling all over Katherine Webb last year? Well Eminem looked similar, except he was probably high on just about every drug you can think of, not getting his dirty old man on (or maybe he was doing both, entirely possible. Brent probably taught him a few tips.).

To be totally fair to Eminem, this is how most people feel when listening to these analysts speak:


(GIF via @ErikMal)

An underrated part of this? Kirk Herbstreit licking his lips at Eminem. Kirk: “Mmmm cokehead. Yummy.”

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