EXCLUSIVE: Leaked texts between LeBron and Cavs re: Kevin Love


LeBron’s Cleveland return has been dissected and celebrated and criticized and every other verb you can think of, it’s happened. Yes, even THOSE verbs. The debate has raged: “which big 3 is better” LeBron/Wade/Bosh or LeBron/Irving/Wiggins or Lin/Young/Boozer (Clearly the Big 3 stooges at the end win that debate. No question.).

But now reports are surfacing that LeBron wants Kevin Love and doesn’t care at that price, so that Wiggins entry could be about to change.

With these surfacing, NOTSC has obtained an exclusive text conversation between LeBron and an unknown Cavs official about Kevin Love.

It doesn’t end well for Andrew Wiggins.



Gone before he even had a chance to leave Cleveland in free agency. It’s just not fair we tell you. It’s just not fair.

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