EXCLUSIVE: The Cleveland Browns’ 2014 regular season schedule


It’s April, which usually means it’s NFL Draft time. But this year we have to wait till May, thanks to Adolf Roger Goodell, so now we’re waiting for the NFL schedules to be announced. However, if you’re a Browns fan, you’re in luck (when the’s last time you heard someone say THAT?). NOTSC has obtained a copy of the Cleveland Browns’ regular season schedule for 2014. Now you don’t have to wait. We’ve got every game covered, including their bye week. Check it out.



Week 1: Loss

Week 2: Loss

Week 3: Loss

Week 4: Loss

Week 5: Loss

Week 6: Loss

Week 7: Loss

Week 8: Loss

Week 9: Loss

Week 10: Loss

Week 11: Loss

Week 12: Loss

Week 13: Loss

Week 14: Loss

Week 15: Loss

Week 16: Loss

Week 17: Loss


Yes, they’re even going to lose to their bye week, and will become the first 0-17 team in NFL history. You better start drinking now Browns fans. But hey at least finally the Browns will be in the record books with a record that can’t be broken. Well, at least until Goodell expands the regular season schedule to 18 games, and the Raiders or Jaguars end up topping it with an 0-18 or 0-19 season. They can’t even lose enough to be the best loser. Oh well. Such is life in Cleveland.

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