Face of MLB Contest, Round 1


Want to know who the popular choice for the Face of MLB will be? Well, you are on the wrong web site.

Want to know who the real Face of MLB is? So do we. That’s why we have compiled a gallery of 30 faces – one for each MLB team – and put them in a bracket for our loyal followers to decide who truly is the Face of MLB.

We begin with the first half of Round 1, which include the following pairings:

  • Nationals vs Marlins
  • Orioles vs Padres
  • Pirates vs Mariners
  • Astros vs Giants
  • Cardinals vs Rockies
  • Twins vs White Sox
  • Royals vs Tigers

One team on this half of the bracket will receive a bye into the next round. The remaining fifteen will be featured in the second half of our opening round next week. Without further ado, voting is now open on our first seven matchups.

BYE: Cubs

The face of the Cubs will be revealed in Round 2.

Nationals vs Marlins

Nationals: Why do some consider Bryce Harper the face of the Nationals? It’s not his playing style. It’s his hairstyle. That’s why the true face of the Nationals is his hairdresser, Zohan.
Marlins: Their organization is a circus off the field. The logo, uniform and play on the field resemble a circus as well. Only fitting that the face of the Marlins be a sad clown.
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