Face of MLB Contest, Round 1 (continued)


Our contest for the Face of MLB – the real Face of MLB; not the popular, PC choice determined by MLB Network’s contest – continues this week by wrapping up the first round. Voting began last week for 14 teams and another 14 now join them (two teams are waiting in the second round thanks to a bye). The remaining seven pairings of Round 1 are as follows:

Like the left side of our bracket, we have a single bye on this side as well. As for the other 14 teams, it is time to vote on the last matchups of our opening round. Be sure to click through all seven pages to vote on each battle.

BYE: Red Sox

The face of the Red Sox will be revealed in Round 2.

Diamondbacks vs Rangers

Diamondbacks: Unwanted visitors in the Chase Field hot tub will be nothing new for the lifeguard from Caddyshack (as long as those meddlesome kids don’t knock him into the water, of course).
Rangers: Get used to it, Rangers fans. Trading for Prince Fielder comes at a price: the risk of a food shortage throughout Texas washed down with a flood of jokes about the first baseman’s weight. The face of the Rangers is his being stuffed with food.
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