College football fan joins Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit vs NCAA

Alabama v Florida

Ed O’Bannon is suing the NCAA, saying they’ve “made millions of dollars” on his likeness and he wants a part of it. If you aren’t a UCLA basketball fan and are under the age of 25, odds are you don’t know he played there (which kind of hurts his point, but why would that stop anyone? This is America…we live to sue.). You’d think someone who was drafted 9th overall and played a few years in the NBA would have plenty of money, but again, this is America. Enough is never actually enough. He wants more. So do others.

Some other retired players and current players you’ve never heard of and made names like “Bob Smith” for in NCAA ’14 are also in the suit. They want to change the system. But they aren’t alone. Richard A. Hole, long time college football fan, has joined the lawsuit as well. Why? Rich: “If a kicker from Arizona thinks he deserves money for “contributing” to college football, so do I. I’ve watched for 30 years and spent thousands of dollars. I’ve contributed a lot more than he has. So I want some too.”

Of course he does. What does Rich think about the lawsuit’s chances?  “Without college football fans spending hard earned money and time, there would be no college football. No one would ever watch football just for fun. We deserve to get paid. I want to be paid for that little white blob EA has used as a fan in their games. That’s my likeness. How many overweight white guys watch college football besides me? Exactly. They’re stealing from me.” Sounds like rock solid, air tight logic. Watch out NCAA.

Rich continued: “Do you think kids would even play sports in college just for the fun of it? Come on now.” What about intramural sports? “Intra-what? I don’t know what that word means or what it has to do with college football.” What about the fact that they’re amateurs? “Amateur? Is that a French word? I don’t speak French. I only speak Sabanese, the universal language of college football. Heil Saban. Roll Tide.” He then saluted. Maybe Nick Saban really is like Hitler. But that’s a discussion for another day.

What about the athletes going to school for free? “School? What does school have to do with college football? The players and fans are the only reason college football exists. Schools have nothing to do with it. What would these kids do with a college degree? Exactly. And I’m a fan of A.J. McCarron, not Alabama.” But didn’t you just say…never mind. Sounds like they’ve got all their bases covered. The players were more than happy to let Rich join the suit as he’s covering the legal fees.

Will they be successful?  Will they change the system of college football for the better? Will the Arizona kicker get paid for the “millions” he’s made the NCAA? Who knows, but as with most lawsuits in the United States, there’s a Rich A. Hole involved. And despite having plenty of money, he wants more. A lot more. Remember: “enough” is never enough.

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