What all 32 NFL logos would look like if they were fat


As usual, NFL Fever is a disease that never goes away (no visits to the doctor to pay them $200 to tell you you’re fine). So we’re looking for more reasons to talk football (as Jennifer Garner says in “Draft Day”, we can always talk football…especially with miss Garner *growl*).

David Rappoccio, the same guy who did the NFL logos with Manning face in them:, the NFL logos as hipsters:, and the NFL logos if they were British: now gives us even more fun with NFL logos.

It’s no secret that many NFL fans aren’t in the greatest shape in the world. 16+ straight sundays of 8 straight hours of beer and pizza don’t exactly do wonders to your body, not that anyone cares (this is America after all, since when did we care about health?).

Dave has taken all 32 NFL Logos and put them on that all beer and pizza diet. Some of them have gotten quite plump, some of them have become literal food. Just like the other NFL remixes we’ve had, they’re broken down by a division per page.

Check ‘em all out by clicking the page numbers at the bottom.

They’re all here, from the world champion Seahawks, to even the “Johnny Manziel can’t save us, but we’ll pretend like he can” Browns.

Again, to be clear, all of the logo pictures are done by @DrawPlayDave at The captions are ours, the drawings are his.




This is actually what the logo looks like on Vince Wilfork’s helmet.




The only thing missing from the fat Jets logo is Rex Ryan’s face.




That is one disturbing looking Buffalo wing, which should make it quite popular with NFL fans. MOAR SAUCE!




Sea World has asked us not to call this whale “Shamu” as they prefer not to have any affiliation with the Miami Dolphins whatsoever. Can’t say we blame them.


  1. beez


    Giants have 4 rings… but besides that they were all funny lol

    • NOTSCWill


      I wasn’t referring to the team…I was referring to how people talk about Eli

  2. SIMO


    That Titans logo is an hors d’ouevre… specifically the little sandwiches with the tiny wooden sword in the middle. Pretty clever.

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