GIF: 302 pound punt returners- the wave of the future


Anyone can send a small fast guy back to return a punt. That’s boring. Try using a 302 pound punt returner. Forget all this spread offense and read option stuff, that’s the true wave of the future. Let the big boys get out there and promise them an all you can eat buffet for a punt return TD. Nobody’s bringing them down.

In the UCF/South Carolina game, South Carolina just barely avoided getting a punt blocked off a bad snap and had it travel about 15 yards, so UCF DT E.J. Dunston got his moment in the sun, and made it count:


(GIF via @SBNation)

Big boy did pick up about 13 yards. Which would you rather have: 13 yards like this or a guy that runs 80 yards to get 2? That question answers itself.

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